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With over 130 employees and a turnover of £16m the Express Circuits Group has the required knowledge and experience to design, manufacture and assemble the very latest in PCB Technologies.

This ‘in house’ and joined up approach to problem solving has helped many of our clients meet mission critical deadlines on increasingly complex PCB/PCBA solutions.

Our customer base is large and diverse and covers all the leading industry market sectors.  

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Looking for a UK/EU based source?

Based in the Midlands (the heart of the UK) the Express Circuits Group of Companies provides its clients with the complete ‘in house’ PCB/PCBA design and manufacturing solution.

Get the best returns on your PCB components

We are unique to other PCB manufacturers in many ways. Our collective knowledge of the PCB industry means we are able to offer a wider range of skills and expertise, faster delivery times and an outstanding return on investment for our clients. We know that our clients can’t afford to switch suppliers midway through a job or risk late product launch which is why we focus our efforts on the needs and deadlines of each individual client to ensure that we deliver. From PCB concept to completion, we will work closely with you to ensure your design and manufacture needs are met head on.

Express Circuits Group offers a holistic solution to your PCB requirements. Our services include:

  • Professional PCB design and layout service
  • Manufacture and testing of PCBs including production of prototype and pre-production PCBs
  • Assembly of PCB prototypes and low to medium production quantities

We offer our services to clients across the UK and around the world and have assisted an extensive base of loyal customers with the design and manufacture of their PCB components. Whether you need assistance with schematic design or you are looking for a new PCB manufacturer for an approved design, our technical teams can get to work immediately. Our diligence to quality and our years of experience working in all areas of PCB design and manufacture make us the sensible and reliable choice.

Over the years, Express Circuits Group has emerged as a leading supplier of high performance, time critical PCB components and our expertise and versatility is unrivalled. From a single sided circuit board to a double sided, multilayer surface mount PCB, our aim is to provide our clients with components that meet their design brief, their product requirements and which offer excellent ROI.

Get in touch with Express Circuits Group today to discuss your PCB requirements and to find out more about our range of services. Our engineering experts can work closely with you to design, develop, product and test your printed circuit boards to the highest standard and for the best overall cost.

Why Choose Us


Quotations within 24hrs
PCB Manufacture from 3-days
Assembly from 24hrs


Serving the automotive, aerospace, defense, semiconductor industries our solutions are tested in the harshest environments


One order and No complicated 3-way discussions are required with Design/PCB/Assembly providers

Need help? Call our Sales/Support team at +44 (0) 1675 464884


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