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Data and PCB Details

For Engineering and Manufacturing

A set of Manufacturing Outputs should clearly state the part number and the issue status. To ensure that the correct part is always manufactured then please ensure all changes to your design result in a up issue of your data. All manufacturing files submitted for quotation should be marked as for quotation purposes only.  The data pack supplied should contain at least the following

Most fabricators will prefer the ODB format as they are intelligent, containing an embedded Netlist along with the parameters for the required separate drill files. All layers should be marked with a sequential layer ladder and supplied in a positive format with ground and power planes flashed and not drawn. Deliberate CAD Net shorts or opens should be clearly stated as such.

If you wish to supply a Gerber file then please include a separate Netlist and ensure you create Separate NC Drill files in an Excellon Format for each set of drill connections i.e. global, buried and each set  of microvias, pth and npth.

  • The periphery of the single circuit, including a profile tied dimension. If a particular panelisation format is required a panelised drawing should be supplied separately .Let your PCB fabricator do the panelisation as this will save valuable time.

  • The positions of all holes and their reference designators.  All holes sizes identified in your drill table should be displayed as FINISHED with a minimum specified tolerance of +/- 0.5mm. Please remember to create all design rule clearances relating to drilling from the actual drill size to be used. This is usually 0.1mm larger than the desired finished hole size. Consider identifying all holes that are to be either resin or copper filled holes by using a spurious 4 decimal place drill size for each in your drill table, for example all 0.1111mm holes to be resin filled and over-plated

  • All required manufacturing tolerances and industry specifications need to be clearly stated.

  • Please include the required build /stack up showing the expected finished thickness and tolerance. All copper weights should be specified as finished with the required laminates and pre-pregs to be used in the construction also clearly specified. This can either be done generically through the relevant IPC number and slash number or via the manufacturer and part number

  • If you require impedance characterisation then please identify, the required characteristic ,its value, the signal layers and reference planes and whether they require to be verified by testing .

  • The required location for all required PCB markings and make it clear if they are not required

  • The colour of all resists and legends

Have you considered a traffic light system for your BoM

All parts which are completely generic can be marked as green

All parts where an alternative supplier/manufacturer may be offered marked as amber

All parts which are completely manufacturer/supplier specific marked as red

All parts where you have supported pricing require to be marked as such

e.g. C of C, UL and IPC-A-600 Class 2

  • Special requirements e.g. High voltage test, controlled impedance
  • Solderable finish e.g.  ENIG, OSP, SILVER, ENEPIG & HASL
  • Gold plating – e.g. Hard gold, soft gold, including chamfer details for edge connectors
  • Solder resist – type e.g. Gloss, semi gloss, matt
  • Colour e.g. Green, white, red, blue, yellow and black
  • Silk screen ident – type and colour


  • All the part shapes requiring solder to be displayed within the board outline complete with their reference designators.

  • All component orientations using a Dot to identify pin one and a bar to identify the cathode

  • Basic assembly notes detailing exactly what is required with references to the required industry standards.

  • Identification of all labelling/bar coding requirements and their expected positions

  • An exploded view (referenced by position to the main assembly drawing) detailing all specific instructions relating to the area of concern, such as the fitting of metalwork etc.

  • The expected level of X-ray, 2D or 3D AOI and test required

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