Microtrax Designs Ltd established in 2004 has a proven track record of managing complex time critical projects. Most of our clients supply a schematic and expect the deliverable as a fully assembled PCB.


Express Circuits has been at the forefront of PCB manufacturing since 1990. Earning a reputation as the go to for all things PCB. Free technical advice backed up with an excellent fast turnaround, quality, prototype and small batch PCB manufacturing service.


Electronic Assembly Services Ltd formed in 2009 has provided the electronics industry with class leading turnaround times. With speed, quality and capability, our goal is to reduce your products time to market
Express Circuits Group


With over 130 employees and a turnover of £16m the Express Circuits Group has the knowledge and expertise to design, manufacture and assemble the very latest in PCB technologies.

This “in house“ joined up approach to problem solving has helped many of our clients meet mission critical deadlines.

Our customer base is large and diverse and it covers all the leading industry market sectors. Why not get in touch via and arrange to drop in and meet the team


Express Circuits Group

Worried about Security?
Looking for a UK/EU based PCB Source?

Based in the Midlands (the heart of the UK) the Express Circuits Group of Companies provides its clients with the complete ‘in house’ PCB/PCBA design and manufacturing solution.

Express Circuits Group


Struggling to manage increasingly complex supply chains ? Why have multiple suppliers when one will do?


Quotations within 24hrs
PCB Manufacture from 24hrs
Assembly from 24hrs


Serving the automotive, aerospace, defence, semiconductor industries our solutions are tested in the harshest environments


Whichever part of the group you engage with, it’s our responsibility to deliver you a quality product on time.

"Whatever we design we can make; whatever we make we can assemble."

Express Circuits Group

PCB Services We Provide


  • Siemens Mentor Pads ES and Pads Pro
  • Altium Designer
  • Cadence orCAD Capture/PCB Editor Pro


  • We are experienced in all aspects of modern PCB/PCBA Design
  • Especially those strategies designed to improve Component Density and PCB Performance


  • Over 150 years combined PCB layout experience
  • The MicroTrax Team will always aim to follow Best Practice to ensure your deliverables meet with the specific requirements of your Project.

For Help and Advice on your build then please contact

To discuss your material options and ensure they are available for day one of manufacture then please contact

Fast Turnaround Manufacture

  • Standard PCBs manufactured from 24 hours
  • Flexi-rigid designs from 7 working days
  • Single uvia pcbs manufactured from 7 working days
  • SBU (Sequential Build up boards) from 10 working days


  • In house Laser ablation
  • Vacuum assisted Resin & Cu filling
  • Flex, Flex-rigid, Strechable and wearable solutions
  • 50um T & G
  • Sequential Builds (experienced to 5 bonds)
  • Controlled Impedance and validation
  • Bonded Heatsinks
  • Heavy Copper
  • Copper Coin
  • Embedded Component Technology
  • Back Drilling Touch Technology
  • Differential Plating
  • Thick Thin Gold
  • 100% electrical tested to customer Netlist

BOM Management

  • Full/Hybrid/Free Issue Procurement
  • Complete Traceability
  • Obsolescence management
  • Humidity controlled storage


  • Turnaround from 24hrs!
  • 008004 placement
  • 0.2mm pitch BGAs
  • Manufacture to class 3
  • IPC610/J-STD/Space
  • Full rework capability

Box build and Test

  • Flying Probe
  • Device Programming
  • Functional Test
  • Systems Assembly
  • Bespoke cable/wire assembly

Need help? Call our Sales/Support team at +44 (0) 1675 464884


Express Circuits Group
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